About the club

MARINA tennis club means:
Why choose MARINA tennis club:
  • To afford better injury protection to players and improve the surfacing performance, the club owner had the courts built with an extra layer of special substrate at the bottom.
  • The substrate has made it possible to reduce the load on the locomotor system of players and make the court softer to the foot, which helps prevent injuries.
About lawn tennis
  • Tennis is one of the most exciting sports, equally suitable for grown-ups and children alike.
  • Playing tennis helps alleviate physical and psychological dysfunctions and lose weight quickly and easily.
  • Tennis replaces a whole lot of fitness equipment, giving a workout to all groups of muscles at the same time.
  • Playing this exciting game, you will improve your teamwork skills, strength of will, attention span, dexterity and stamina.
  • Each workout on a tennis court recharges your batteries and gives a big boost to your health and morale.
Missin of MARINA tennis club:
  • Teaching tennis to adults and children 4+ years old
  • Club and open tennis tournaments held in a variety of categories
  • Friendlies held as part of interclub tennis tournaments
  • Improvement of sporting and tournament performance
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle.
Play tennis and be cool!